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Glass damage protection

Scratches · Mineral Residue · Bomb blast · Impacts · Grinder splatter · Scratched/acid graffiti · Welding splatter · Temporary protection

What do we do?

Our GPS (Glass Protection System) protect any glass surface and provide it with new properties to resist external attack

Specialists in:



Protection to avoid scratches to glass panes.

Incrustación química

Mineral residue

Protective treatments for glass to avoid mineral build up.


Bomb blast

We can avoid glass being dangerously detached and projected by the impact of blast pressure waves to buildings.



Glass +Plus protects glass from damage that can occur when impacted by objects.

Graffitis rayados y ácido

Scratched/acid graffiti

We prevent replacing or repairing glass that has been damaged by acts of vandalism

Radial y chispas

Grinders and sparks

Glass panes that have been treated with GPS can prevent glass damage such as fragments and sparks thrown off by radial cutters.


Welding splatter

Burns due to welding spatter are a serious damage that can be prevented at a minimal cost



Temporary protection when work is carried out or events held