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Glass treatment

Prevention limescale · Energy efficiency · UV Protection · Privacy · Decorative glass treatment · Anti-glare · Solar Protection · Security · Low maintenance · EN12600 Competability · Electromagnetic wave protection

What do we do?

Glass +Plus adds and modifies features to glass that have already been installed or are yet to be installed using a variety of techniques and types of treatment

Specialists in:

Tratamiento antical cristales

Limescale Prevention

We treat the glass to make it repel liquids and chemical agents to avoid buildup.

Tratamiento eficiencia energética cristales

Energy efficiency

We achieve energy savings on air-conditioning costs in summer and heating costs in winter.

Tratamiento Anti UV cristales

UV Protection

We prevent damaging ultraviolet rays from deteriorate and discolouring items.

Tratamiento Privacidad cristales


We protect your privacy and let you see without being seen.

Decoración y diseño cristales

Decorative glass treatment

Glass area partitions with several effects and designs.

Tratamiento antirreflejos cristales


We remove irritating glare and reflection caused by bright natural light.

Protección solar Cristales

Solar Protection

Glass +Plus reduces solar energy transmission through glass, turning away excess heat.

Seguridad en cristales


We improve the safety of the glass by protection people and objects from shards, increasing security in the event of an attack and delaying entry and theft.

Cristales de bajo mantenimiento

Low maintenance

Changing the external properties of the glass means that the glass stays clean for longer.

Normativas en cristales


We improve installed glass to meet safety regulation EN12600 for flat panes of glass in buildings.

Cristales con bloqueo ondas electromagnéticas

Electromagnetic wave blocking

We block exposure to electromagnetic fields for better health and protection of loved ones Beyond this, it adds another step to prevent information leaking to the outside.